Anna Nicole Smith, an American actress, model, and television personality, initially gained prominence through her modeling career in Playboy magazine, ultimately earning the title of Playmate of the Year in 1993. Her legacy is marked by her high-profile legal battle concerning the estate of her late husband, billionaire J. Howard Marshall, and her tragic passing in February 2007.

Born as Vickie Lynn Hogan on November 28, 1967, she adopted the stage name Anna Nicole as she ventured into the world of fame. She derived her surname, Smith, from her first husband, Billy Smith, to whom she was married from 1985 to 1993.

Anna Nicole’s most notable controversy centered on allegations that she had wed Marshall solely for his wealth. This triggered a protracted legal dispute with Marshall’s family over the rightful heir to his substantial fortune following his demise. Anna Nicole contended that Marshall had promised her half of his estate, but his family’s intervention prevented any changes to the will.

This case reached the highest echelons of legal authority, culminating in a Supreme Court ruling in favor of Anna Nicole. However, subsequent litigation led to another Supreme Court hearing, ultimately resulting in Anna Nicole losing her case.

Another legal matter that drew considerable attention to Anna Nicole and her family was the paternity case involving her daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead. Dannielynn was just five months old when Anna Nicole passed away. Her father made a conscious choice to provide her with a childhood away from the spotlight. Continue reading to learn about Dannielynn’s current pursuits as she approaches adulthood and discover the enduring love and devotion her father continues to exhibit after her mother’s untimely demise.

In 2006, Anna Nicole made the announcement of her pregnancy, sparking a paternity dispute involving at least four men, among them photographer Larry Birkhead and attorney Howard K. Stern, each claiming to be the father. Following a court-ordered paternity test, it was confirmed that Larry was indeed the biological father. Tragically, after Anna Nicole’s passing due to a drug overdose in 2007, Larry assumed full custody of their daughter, Dannielynn, and relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, in an effort to shield her from the intrusive gaze of the media.

With Anna Nicole’s untimely departure when Dannielynn was just five months old, Larry dedicated himself to providing her with a typical childhood. Their early years were lived in relative obscurity, as Larry maintained a private family life, even on social media. However, in recent times, he has occasionally shared glimpses into their world, delighting fans by highlighting the striking resemblance between Dannielynn and her late mother.

One event that the father-daughter duo consistently attends is the Kentucky Derby. Larry, a devoted father, shared with Fox News:

“Since I initially met her mother at the Kentucky Derby, it began as me simply taking her there to show her around… Over time, it evolved into people looking out for my daughter during the event because I generally avoid public appearances for her. So, truth be told, the Kentucky Derby serves as a growth chart for Dannielynn.”

At the event in 2023, Dannielynn attended with her father and looked like the spitting image of her mom. The day before the derby, she wore a top that featured photos of her mom’s Guess campaign as well as her mother’s jewelry. With makeup on, it was clear the young Dannielynn was taking after her mother. For the derby the next day, Dannielynn looked resplendent in a sunflower-themed gown and more of her mother’s jewelry.

On June 1, 2023, Larry delightedly posted pictures of himself and Dannielynn to celebrate her completion of the 11th grade and upcoming transition into her senior year of high school. The images captured Larry behind the wheel of a car, with Dannielynn seated behind him, stifling laughter as she shared some less-than-flattering photos of her father from her phone. In the caption, he humorously remarked:

“Attempting to engage in a serious conversation with your child only to be playfully pranked with their collection of your most unflattering photos on their cell phone – I can’t be the only parent who’s faced this! Anyway, let’s keep moving forward!”

The devoted father also commended his daughter for her academic accomplishments, proudly showcasing a certificate highlighting her exceptional grades. Accompanying the photo, he wrote:

“Dannielynn successfully completed the 11th grade while maintaining her place on the honor roll, even during the challenging times we faced while caring for my Mom before her passing. I am incredibly proud!”

Apart from academics, Larry concluded the post by expressing his intent to share his photography expertise with Dannielynn, in the hopes of obtaining more flattering images of himself.

“Now, as we head into Summer break and look forward to the 12th grade… and perhaps in the meantime, she can capture some more flattering photos of me. 😂 I’m thinking of offering her a photography class this summer,” he humorously added.

It’s evident that Larry cherishes the time spent with his beloved daughter, and Father’s Day 2023 was no exception. He shared on Instagram that they spent the day enjoying a Duran Duran concert, capping it off with a heartwarming selfie of their smiles at the venue.

The caption on the post read:

“Enjoying a fantastic Father’s Day with Dannielynn at the @duranduran concert. I’ve been introducing her to great music ever since she was a little one. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! Naturally, we had to arrive early, well, because I’m not as young as I used to be. 😆”

Despite Dannielynn’s simple attire, wearing only a basic t-shirt and glasses, with her hair flowing in loose waves, the teenager seemed to be growing into an unmistakable resemblance to her mother. The photo underscored that Dannielynn didn’t require heavy makeup or an elaborate hairstyle to showcase the striking similarity to her mother’s beauty. This included her mother’s golden locks, blue eyes, and most notably, her radiant, wide smile. Altogether, the teenager bore an uncanny resemblance to Anna Nicole.

Fans were genuinely delighted to witness Dannielynn blossoming into a beautiful young woman. One comment expressed, “Thanks to you, she’s becoming a wonderful young lady. Her mom must be so happy knowing she’s in loving and safe hands,” while another heartfelt comment read, “She’s incredibly gorgeous!! God bless both of you!! Anna’s beauty lives on through her beautiful daughter.”

The Duran Duran concert wasn’t the first time Larry had treated Dannielynn to an old-school gig. In May 2022, Dannielynn and Larry were photographed meeting retro superstar Janet Jackson after her performance in Louisville, Kentucky. Dannielynn even dressed the part, emulating Jackson’s iconic look by wearing an oversized suit and black pageboy cap.

Larry appears to have settled into his role as a father. He told People in May 2023:

“I’m super protective of her. She’s a really good kid. And hope I had a little bit to do with that.”

Once more, Larry demonstrated the depth of his affection for Dannielynn through a heartfelt video tribute on the occasion of her 17th birthday. On September 7, 2023, he shared a video featuring a collection of never-before-seen photos capturing Dannielynn’s journey from childhood into her teenage years. Many of these images portrayed the young girl radiating happiness and good health, with her captivating blue eyes and striking blonde hair serving as a poignant reminder of her striking resemblance to her late mother. In the accompanying caption, he expressed:

“Happy 17th Birthday Dannielynn! I take immense pride in every facet of who you’ve become. Wishing you the most wonderful day ever! You possess humor, incredible intelligence, beauty, and nearly everything I could have ever dreamed of.”

Larry also conveyed that her late mother “would be exceedingly proud of you, just as I am,” before extending his heartfelt birthday wishes to his beloved daughter. He concluded with a charming postscript:

“By the way, when you asked me if you could live in my basement forever, I said yes, but I couldn’t bring myself to explain that there are no basements in Florida 😂 ❤️”

Once again, fans applauded Larry for his exceptional parenting of Dannielynn. One comment read:

“This is the first time I’ve seen her since she was a baby. She’s the spitting image of her mom. It’s clear that her dad has lovingly and admirably raised her. When tragedy struck, you could tell he only wanted what was best for his daughter.”

Another user was equally moved by the video and expressed, “She is incredibly fortunate to have you as her father, and I know Anna is watching over both of you. She bears such a striking resemblance to Anna… she’s beautiful both inside and out!”


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