Recently, an online video surfaced, capturing the heartwarming rescue of a dog found motionless on the road amid a scorching heat wave. The compassionate shelter staff rushed to the dog’s aid, unsure if the pup was injured or simply drained from the oppressive temperatures.

The heartwarming video showcasing the rescue of an utterly exhausted dog has become an internet sensation, garnering over 400,000 views on YouTube alone and deeply touching animal lovers worldwide.

The scene unfolds in Southern California, where the sweltering heat soared to a scorching 114 degrees F (45°C) in the past few days. The video’s creators reported that during the rescue mission, the asphalt temperature rose to a staggering 260°F (70°C).

The Belgian Shepherd, now affectionately named Pierce, was immediately taken to a veterinarian for examination and treatment before commencing the recovery process. Unfortunately, the dog’s owner remains unidentified. Witness the inspiring video, capturing the compassionate efforts of kind-hearted individuals who came to the rescue of Pierce during this intense heat wave.

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