Octopuses, renowned for their high intelligence, possess brains with more cells than humans.

Females undertake a unique and sacrificial role in life, diligently guarding the eggs to ensure a safe hatching process, even at the cost of their own lives through sacrifice and suffering.

Research indicates that octopuses exhibit consciousness, cognitive thinking abilities, emotions, and distinct personalities. Despite their impressive cognitive features, their lifespan is notably brief, with a maximum duration of five years. Males typically succumb to death mere months after mating, while females meet their demise after the hatching of their offspring from the eggs.

One year ago, a video surfaced on the Internet, chronicling the final stages of a female octopus’s life as she dedicates her last strength to safeguarding her eggs. Tirelessly, she engages in regular cleaning and grooming, foregoing her own sustenance to make profound sacrifices for the survival of her offspring.

Witness the poignant journey of the mother octopus in the video, as she diligently shields her eggs for months, ensuring her babies have a secure entry into the world.

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