Aladdin the pit bull’s start to life was a rough one; someone had starved and neglected him, and he ended up at the shelter. But despite all of that, he just loves humans and wants to help them! It’s like he can sense the people who need him most and sets out to make them feel better. Because of this, he won Therapy Dog of the Year from the American Humane Association! ?

Aladdin was taken in by Michele Schaffer, and she saw right away the connection he had with people, especially kids. Within a year, he became a certified therapy dog! She remembers the time he was being petted, and he jumped up and ran over to a little boy. That little boy had brain cancer. It was just one of those moments where Laddy knew where to put himself to bring some joy to someone in need.

See Aladdin’s full story in the video below:

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