Cindy Crawford and Carrie Lowell were married to Richard Gere. In 2015, he married his third wife Alejandra Silva. The Hollywood actor has known her since childhood.

Silva, who is 33 years younger than her husband, married Gere in 2015 and the two have started a family ever since. However, the details of their relationship remained essentially hidden.


Silva finally spoke to Hello in an interview and confirmed what many fans had assumed all along.
Richard Gere is one of the most famous Hollywood actors. He began his theater career in London and on Broadway, and his big break came in the thriller Hunting for Mr. Goodbar, in which he starred opposite Diane Keaton. A year later, he landed the title role in Days of Heaven and in 1980, he landed the title role in American Gigolo.

The career of Richard Gere

From there, Gere’s career continued to develop and he became a well-known actor on the rise. Gere became the heart of Hollywood after starring in Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts. Surprisingly, he didn’t appear in the movie at all.

According to Gere, Julia Roberts was the one who convinced him to make the classic romantic film.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make this movie.” In 2015, Gere said, “It’s on the other side of the office. We’ll get to know each other. We’re cute, they’re cute.”


“And then [director Garry Marshall] phones up and says, ‘How’s it going?’ ‘Yeah, yeah,’ I say, and she takes a piece of paper from me. She flips it over and pushes it towards me. ‘Please say yes,’ it said. It was quite sweet. And I was like, “I just said yes,” while I pretended to be on the phone.


Gere went on to star in the films Gentleman and An Officer. His numerous roles in romantic comedy flicks become his signature. He didn’t receive any Academy Award nominations, but it doesn’t appear like he is very concerned with them.

Naturally, many actors and actresses fantasize about landing that big-budget blockbuster role that would catapult them to stardom. However, there are no superhero flicks, franchises, or blockbusters in Gere’s oeuvre.


“I’ve never planned my career,” he told the Independent. “I’ve never planned a career.” I’ve always just done what I wanted.

There hasn’t been any employment in major Hollywood productions.


“You’re limited by what you’re offered,” she says, “but the tremendous list of brilliant directors, actors, and writers I’ve worked with, I’m kind of shocked myself that I’ve been able to ride this career this long with such good people.”


It was once simple to believe that Gere would continue to star in the largest of Hollywood films for as long as he chose. There’s a reason for it; one night in 1993, he claims, changed his life forever.

Richard Gere has been a Buddhist for the majority of his life. He’s been interested in Tibetan Buddhism since he was a child, and he’s been a long-time devotee of the Dalai Lama.

Gere did not read from his pre-agreed script at the Academy Awards in 1993, where he was to present the award for Best Art Director. Instead, Gere used his platform to denounce China’s colonization of Tibet and the “horrendous, horrifying human rights situation” in the country.


Gil Cates, the producer of the Academy Awards, was incensed and immediately threatened to remove Gere from future shows.

Gere, on the other hand, would not let anyone stand in his way when it came to what he thought and believed in. In 2008, he called for a boycott of the Beijing Summer Olympics. He was actually barred from China for life as a result of his two different foundations, the International Campaign for Tibet and The Gere Foundation.

“I’m not going to be in a lot of movies.”


Gere and China were bitter adversaries. China went on to become the world’s second-largest box office market shortly after, and the major Hollywood studios clearly didn’t want to miss out on any possible cash.

Gere has previously stated that as a result of this, he has been dumped by numerous major studios, simply because the Chinese people and government do not want him to appear in their films.

In 2015, Richard Gere revealed, “There are undoubtedly movies that I can’t be in because the Chinese will say, ‘Not with him.”

“I recently had an experience where someone told me that they couldn’t fund a film with me because it would irritate the Chinese.”

In 1997, Gere witnessed firsthand how valuable the link between the movie studios and the Chinese market was.

MGM made a startling choice after he finished filming his part in Red Corner, in which he played an American businessman unfairly accused in China.

Richard recalls, “Everyone was pleased with the film.”

“I get calls from the studio’s executives. I appeared on Oprah. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I receive phone calls saying, “We don’t want you doing press.” MGM hoped to reach an agreement with the Chinese on a broad scale. ‘If you distribute this film, we will not buy it,’ China said. As a result, they threw it away.”

Private life of Richard Gere

When Gere was prepared to do an independently financed film outside of the big studios on another occasion, he had a bad experience. It was never meant to be seen in China… However, the director was a Chinese national.

“He called two weeks before the shoot and said, ‘Sorry, I can’t do it,’” Gere recounted.

“On a protected line, we had a secret phone call.” If I had worked with this filmmaker, he, his family, and he himself would never be allowed to leave the country again, and he would never work.”


Gere is now focusing his efforts on smaller films and independent ventures, which he adores. More importantly, the 72-year-old and his wife, Alejandra Silva, have expanded their family.

Gere hasn’t been solely focused on his work throughout his career. The native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is also a family man, having married three times and given birth to a number of children.

Gere was married to Cindy Crawford in the 1990s. He married Cindy Lowell in 2002, and they have a kid named Homer James Jigme Gere. Richard’s charm has been handed on to Homer, who is now 21 years old.


The couple divorced in 2016, but Gere didn’t waste any time in finding the woman with whom he now plans to spend the rest of his life.

Alejandra Silva is Richard Gere’s wife.

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere initially met when she was a small child. She was born in 1983 and reared in Madrid, Spain’s capital. She worked as a publicist and an activist as she grew older.

Alejandra returned to Spain to study marketing and advertising after completing her schooling in Dorset, England.

She’s been a human rights activist since then, and in 2007, she launched the Beautiful Life Fund, a non-profit organization. She’s also partnered with the Real Madrid Football Club Foundation to help poor youngsters in Africa participate in sports in their villages.

The families of Alejandra and Gere were friends. Alejandra worked as a manager at a family-owned hotel in Positano, Italy, where the two met again in 2014.


One of their mutual friends was able to reintroduce them, and they quickly felt a “really deep connection.”

In 2015, Alejandra Silva commented, “Our karma was attracted the moment we saw each other.”

“All night we couldn’t stop looking at each other, and we haven’t been apart since,” she added.

“It’s like though I’m in a fairytale.”

At the time, they were both going through divorces. According to Alejandra, this just helped to strengthen their bond.

“Love tales with a complicated beginning, where you have to face obstacles together,” she continued, “may bring you closer.” “I’m sure I [had some reservations] at some point.” He was more convinced than I was at first. But we knew we were meant to be together from the beginning.”

Gere also allegedly sent her flowers until she agreed to go on a date with him, according to her. He also writes her music on a regular basis.

Alejandra told Hello Magazine, “I feel like I’m in a true fairytale.” “Without a question, I consider myself to be the luckiest woman on the planet… What could be more romantic than a man who composes music for you on a daily basis?”

They began dating in 2017, and by 2018, they had decided it was time to settle down for good. Alejandra converted to Buddhism after the pair married on Gere’s estate outside of New York City. Silva and Gere now reside in New York City.

Silva has a child from a previous marriage, Albert. Alexander, her and Gere’s first kid, was born in February of this year. The couple announced 14 months later that she had given birth to their second son.

Alejandra Silva discloses personal information

The 33-year age gap between Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere may appear to be significant. True love, on the other hand, knows no bounds, and the most important thing is the tie that exists between two people.

Alejandra told Hello that their age gap doesn’t worry her, and the couple has decided to keep their marriage discreet. In a recent interview, she gave us an insight inside their love story, which we already knew was fantastic.

“It had to be like this in this existence.” She stated, “He has promised me at least 20 years of happiness.”

“I have to admit, he has a lot more energy than I do; he’s a lot more active.” It’s difficult for me to keep up with him. He isn’t a human. Richard is obsessed about you, according to everyone who sees you together. What is it that he claims you’ve given him? He knows how much I adore him.


“I believe I provide him with steadiness.” Above all, the fact that she was not an actress or a model helped,” she noted.

“I’ve never been interested in that.” What has brought us together the most is our desire to assist others in need, as well as our dedication to Buddhism and the Tibetan people. And he could sense my unwavering dedication as a humanitarian, as a person, as a woman… It’s the most romantic, loveliest dream I’ve ever had. That is why I have chosen to remain in it.”

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva are clearly in love, and it’s wonderful to see them together.

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