The Duchess of York expressed her profound admiration for the Princess of Wales upon learning of her cancer diagnosis.

Posting on Instagram, Prince Andrew’s former spouse, affectionately referred to as Fergie, paid homage to the mother-of-three, stating that ‘everyone is praying for her’.

In a touching statement, the Duchess of York conveyed: ‘All my thoughts and prayers are with the Princess of Wales as she embarks on her treatment.

‘I am certain she will be enveloped in the love of her family, and everyone is hoping for the best outcome.

‘Having confronted my own battles with cancer in recent months, I deeply admire her courage in speaking openly about her diagnosis.’

The mother of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie was herself diagnosed with skin cancer shortly after undergoing a mastectomy for breast cancer. Meanwhile, their uncle, King Charles, is also undergoing cancer treatments.

The Duchess of York has paid tribute to the Princess of Wales for sharing her cancer diagnosis, saying it will do 'tremendous good'

The Duchess of York has honored the Princess of Wales for disclosing her cancer diagnosis, remarking that it will bring about ‘tremendous good’.

Discussing Kate’s decision to share her own diagnosis, the Duchess additionally remarked: “I know it will bring about a tremendous amount of good to raise awareness.”

She concluded her message by stating: “I hope she will now be granted the time, space, and privacy to heal.”

This follows Princess Eugenie, Fergie’s daughter, celebrating her 34th birthday recently with a heartfelt post dedicated to ‘the best gift of all’ – her children.

Taking to Instagram, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York praised her two sons, August, aged three, and Ernest, who is approaching his first birthday.

In the candid snapshot, Eugenie gleefully held her younger son, Ernest, aloft in her arms.

Reflecting on this, Eugenie captioned the post: ‘The best gift of all are my boys… so on this birthday I’m cherishing family and loved ones.’

To mark her 34th birthday, Princess Eugenie shared a sweet photograph with her youngest son Ernest on Instagram

In celebration of her 34th birthday, Princess Eugenie posted a charming photograph with her youngest son, Ernest, on Instagram.

In the sweet post, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York said her sons are 'the best gift of all'

In her heartfelt post, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York expressed that her sons are ‘the greatest gift of all’.

Sarah Ferguson, 64, also shared a sweet photograph on Instagram to mark Eugenie's 34th birthday

At 64 years old, Sarah Ferguson also posted a touching photograph on Instagram to commemorate Eugenie’s 34th birthday.

Princess Eugenie celebrated her birthday just two days after the news broke that her cousin’s wife, the Princess of Wales, is battling cancer, marking the third member of the royal family to receive such a diagnosis in recent months.

Last week, Kate revealed that she is undergoing preventative chemotherapy for cancer discovered during her abdominal surgery in January.

Commentator Richard Fitzwilliams expressed his belief that Harry will be ‘devastated’ by Kate’s diagnosis, as he always affectionately referred to her as ‘Cath’ and once stated she was ‘the sister I never had’. He added, ‘Whether he comes to the UK to visit Kate, time will tell’.

Biographer and historian Hugo Vickers suggested that the California-based couple should remain in the US for the time being to support the future queen’s battle against cancer and her recovery. He remarked, ‘People wonder if Prince Harry will return to assist them, but I think that would be very counterproductive’.

The Princess of Wales revealed she was undergoing a course of preventative chemotherapy

The Princess of Wales disclosed that she was undergoing a series of preventive chemotherapy treatments.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York attends the Thanksgiving Service for King Constantine of the Hellenes at St George's Chapel, Windsor on February 27, 2024

On February 27, 2024, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was present at the Thanksgiving Service for King Constantine of the Hellenes held at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Harry traveled to the UK shortly after his father’s announcement of battling the disease in January. However, a hurried visit to see Kate seems less probable.

Nonetheless, King Charles has expressed his hope of being well enough to participate in a scaled-down ‘Easter Lite’ service the following Sunday as he continues his battle with cancer.

If his health permits, the 75-year-old monarch will lead a smaller royal delegation at the traditional Easter service in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

A source from the palace confirmed to the Telegraph: ‘The King and Queen are aiming to participate in some manner of Easter service in Windsor.’

‘However, it will not be the large family gathering that we might expect to see in different circumstances.’

The King is presently undergoing treatment for cancer and has withdrawn from royal responsibilities as he confronts the illness.

One of the reasons for this is the ‘risks associated with large crowds,’ thus the gathering at the service is anticipated to be significantly smaller than usual.

This announcement follows Kate’s confirmation that she won’t be joining other royals at the ‘Easter Lite’ service following her cancer diagnosis.

The Princess of Wales made this decision after releasing her emotional video message last Friday night.

Despite her determination to resume her normal routine, which she deems crucial for her recovery, there is no definite timeline for her return to public engagements.

The future queen is currently receiving ‘preventative’ chemotherapy treatment and has appealed for privacy for her young family.

The Prince of Wales is scheduled to resume public duties after his children return to school following the Easter break, but the family won’t be present at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel for the Easter Sunday service.

Last year’s service marked the first Easter Sunday service of Charles’s reign, and the royal family gathered in the castle’s grounds, basking in the spring sunshine before the morning service.

During the service, the Wales family was seen among a group of younger royals at the rear of the large procession walking down from the chapel where Queen Elizabeth was interred in September 2022.

The public and royal observers have been eager to know when the Princess of Wales will resume official duties since her surgery in January.

Her most recent official royal engagement was the Christmas Day church service in Sandringham on December 25.

In her video, Kate stated: ‘My work has always brought me a deep sense of joy, and I look forward to returning when I am able, but for now, I must focus on making a full recovery.’

A spokesperson from Kensington Palace stated: ‘The Princess will resume official duties when she receives clearance from her medical team. She remains in good spirits and is dedicated to achieving a complete recovery.’

It is understood that Kate’s personal preferences regarding attendance at events, alongside medical advice, will play a crucial role in the decision-making process.

A spokesperson from the Palace stated: ‘Their Royal Highnesses understand the interest this update will generate and appreciate the public support they have received during this time.

‘Kensington Palace will share information when appropriate, and when the princess is ready to resume her duties and work.

‘In the interim, we kindly request that the family’s privacy be respected.’

A detailed update on Kate’s health is not anticipated as she requires time, space, and privacy for a full recovery.

It is probable that Kensington Palace will only issue further updates regarding Kate’s return to public engagements when deemed suitable.

Moreover, any initial public appearances should not necessarily indicate a return to a regular schedule of public duties.

Kensington Palace has confirmed that Kate underwent significant abdominal surgery in January, which was successful.

Initially, the condition was believed to be non-cancerous, and no tests had indicated the presence of cancer.

Subsequent tests following the surgery revealed the presence of cancer, leading Kate to commence a course of preventative chemotherapy.

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