Kelly was ready to get married but a few hours before the wedding she started behaving very strangely, the poor girl started hallucinating and screaming that she heard a strange noise in her ears.

She also had a terrible headache that she thought would drive her crazy.

She was immediately taken to hospital by her family, where doctors initially suspected an ear infection or an infected mosquito bite. But when they examined Kelly, they found something awful that made her cry.

Dr Edward Bannack looked at the back of his head and said,  “My suspicions are confirmed.” Kelly didn’t go crazy, but an inch-long caterpillar grew into an old wound on her scalp, which was the source of her strange symptoms.

Apparently, the woman was bitten by a mosquito at a bachelorette party in Costa Rica. The insect put its larvae in the wound and they grew in the flesh.

According to some statistics, this is not the only time this has happened. Another well-known case is that of Rochelle Harris, who grew the same type of maggot in her ear after going to Peru with her boyfriend. According to the woman, the two came across a swarm on their journey, and she believes the insect entered the ear to shed its larvae.


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