What would you do if you were kidnapped? It’s something we can never really appreciate, but it’s an important question to think about.

One day, Jordan Dinsmore was kidnapped when she remembered her mother’s advice. Her mother advised her not to be alone because if the kidnappers found her alone, she would have no one to help her.

That day, the university student had just come home from work in the morning. When she was kidnapped, the whole experience felt like a scene from a Hollywood movie. She was outside her home in Columbia, South Carolina when three men approached her. They took away his bag and his phone. They also wanted to steal his car, but they never knew how to change gears. Then they forced her at gunpoint into the car, then drove them to a nearby ATM.

When she went to the ATM, she remembered her mother’s advice. When she got back in the car she never backed up and thankfully none of the guys noticed. Then I jumped out of the car as they approached an intersection after putting the car in neutral.

Although it was a traumatic experience, an undergraduate majoring in criminal justice was lucky enough to escape.

Were you surprised by how Jordan managed to escape his captors?

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